31. 8. 2019

I do stuff

I share quite a lot of my stuff on instaram lately and don't update it here, so I thought I might change that, atleast for my mummy, so she has what to do during work :D

This is a dress, or more of a pyjamas, I sewn during my sewing course at Brno šije. I painted a forest on it later, but it didn't end up really that well. I still like it though. I forced my sister to be my model :D Miss her not being at home with me :(

Another little something I made are these earrings and and earcuffs. Since I got my hair cut very short I thought it could look well if I wore ear piercings, so on the same day I also made these quick wire and pearl beads fake ones- two different ones actually, one for each ear.

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