2. 9. 2019

Crocheting fever!

A crochet top I made from 100% cotton yarn. I plan to do more different designs in different colors. They sell beautiful shades of the yarn...rust, mustard, old pinks...would buy them all if I was not short on money! :D

I tried to crochet my own string bag tooo and man, it goes quickly! I did it with long pauses during half a day. I even considered making more of them and of different colors and selling them, but in the end I realized it would bore me to death, I need to try new and new things :)
It is made from 100% cotton yarn too and looks durable enough so far. 
But I might try different ways of making them as this one ended to be too narrow and next time I would change the handle too.

Ant this unaesthetical mess is a work in progress of my attempt to crochet a bast pineapple pouch :D Damn, it's so hard to crochet bast and it does not look anywhere near I wanted it to, so I might not finish it...I have so many started project! Would need them holidays to last years, not weeks.

31. 8. 2019

I do stuff

I share quite a lot of my stuff on instaram lately and don't update it here, so I thought I might change that, atleast for my mummy, so she has what to do during work :D

This is a dress, or more of a pyjamas, I sewn during my sewing course at Brno šije. I painted a forest on it later, but it didn't end up really that well. I still like it though. I forced my sister to be my model :D Miss her not being at home with me :(

Another little something I made are these earrings and and earcuffs. Since I got my hair cut very short I thought it could look well if I wore ear piercings, so on the same day I also made these quick wire and pearl beads fake ones- two different ones actually, one for each ear.

Flower workshop at Moraviaflor.cz

So, we've been on a one day workshop at Moraviaflor.cz with our school. They make fabric flowers and all kinds of accessories from them. It is an old tradition in Olešnice (since 1864) and thus you can find there all kinds of vintage treasures! I didn't manage to take many pictures though...
We could try the proces of making the flowers and create something from them. I tried making a simple wreath from white flowers and two kinds of leafs.

A wreath I created during a workshop at Moraviaflor.cz. Simple but atleast it can be worn with almost anything.

30. 8. 2019

Kostýmní ilustrace na téma...


Červená Karkulka








Babka kořenářka







Návštěvník z jiné galaxie




Struktury papírové

Další "velmi užitečná" školní blbinka. Kéž bychom radši dostali víc prostoru věnovat se tomu, co bychom chtěli dělat po škole. Něco se skutečně naučili. Nikterak.