16. 11. 2016

Opožděný Halloween

Tak teda...opožděně přidávám včas vydlabané dýně - moje mrkavá a sestřina správně svraštělá. A přihazuju voňavé vánoční badyánové náušničky a dýňový koláč.

5. 11. 2016

Walk to old forest Slunná

I didn't have time to take photos let alone post them for such a long time! Or so it feels at least. The school has been tough. Way too much for me, I couldn't handle it psychically. So I quit. Well, I just interrupted it but it freaks me out just to think about returning there. I really can't take the stress and the fact I feel like a complete idiot among all those clever people who love IT. I hate it, I am too stupid to do it and I know so well I shouldn't even be studying there - I am so ashamed I am even trying to compare with those skilled guys there. I don't deserve to finish it. Well, nevermind. I am trying to find a job right now, which is not much better, to be honest. I just know nothing, I am a complete piece of shit and I should persuade somebody to hire me? No way.

So, I can't even remember if I decided I should write this blog in Czech or in English. I can't keep up consistency in any aspect of life, so I constantly switch these two languages when writing online. No one reads it anyway so why should I bother :D

Alright, back to the topic of this post - a walk to nature reserve Slunná! So...it's basically behind our village, but where precisely? I was already trying to find it a couple of times but as I don't have s smart phone or a gps, I was simply just going an approximate direction and hoping. I have never been successful. But the day has come, when I was finally shown it! We went for a walk with my mum and dad, so they took me there and it was really pretty. The weather and autumn colors make it justice. Just take a look yourselves.

And I found out some functions I didn't even know my camera had, nothing fancy though. Sadly the result of the a few filters it offers is somewhat crappy and cheap looking. But what more should I want from a cheap and crappy camera? But it could surely be worse, I am happy I have at least this, till I have enough money and enough time and enough will to sit, choose and buy a new one.