2. 9. 2019

Crocheting fever!

A crochet top I made from 100% cotton yarn. I plan to do more different designs in different colors. They sell beautiful shades of the yarn...rust, mustard, old pinks...would buy them all if I was not short on money! :D

I tried to crochet my own string bag tooo and man, it goes quickly! I did it with long pauses during half a day. I even considered making more of them and of different colors and selling them, but in the end I realized it would bore me to death, I need to try new and new things :)
It is made from 100% cotton yarn too and looks durable enough so far. 
But I might try different ways of making them as this one ended to be too narrow and next time I would change the handle too.

Ant this unaesthetical mess is a work in progress of my attempt to crochet a bast pineapple pouch :D Damn, it's so hard to crochet bast and it does not look anywhere near I wanted it to, so I might not finish it...I have so many started project! Would need them holidays to last years, not weeks.