5. 11. 2016

Walk to old forest Slunná

I didn't have time to take photos let alone post them for such a long time! Or so it feels at least. The school has been tough. Way too much for me, I couldn't handle it psychically. So I quit. Well, I just interrupted it but it freaks me out just to think about returning there. I really can't take the stress and the fact I feel like a complete idiot among all those clever people who love IT. I hate it, I am too stupid to do it and I know so well I shouldn't even be studying there - I am so ashamed I am even trying to compare with those skilled guys there. I don't deserve to finish it. Well, nevermind. I am trying to find a job right now, which is not much better, to be honest. I just know nothing, I am a complete piece of shit and I should persuade somebody to hire me? No way.

So, I can't even remember if I decided I should write this blog in Czech or in English. I can't keep up consistency in any aspect of life, so I constantly switch these two languages when writing online. No one reads it anyway so why should I bother :D

Alright, back to the topic of this post - a walk to nature reserve Slunná! So...it's basically behind our village, but where precisely? I was already trying to find it a couple of times but as I don't have s smart phone or a gps, I was simply just going an approximate direction and hoping. I have never been successful. But the day has come, when I was finally shown it! We went for a walk with my mum and dad, so they took me there and it was really pretty. The weather and autumn colors make it justice. Just take a look yourselves.

And I found out some functions I didn't even know my camera had, nothing fancy though. Sadly the result of the a few filters it offers is somewhat crappy and cheap looking. But what more should I want from a cheap and crappy camera? But it could surely be worse, I am happy I have at least this, till I have enough money and enough time and enough will to sit, choose and buy a new one.

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  1. That's a beautiful autumn!

    And don't be so hard on yourself. You have no obligation to justify your choices to anyone. If you try to make it and succeed, then why on earth regret it? And failing is much more honorable than not trying at all, in my opinion. Personally, I respect people that fight their internal demons and I believe they have more reason to respect themselves than those that don't (have to).